6 Tips for Summoners War

Finding Success in Summoners War written by: Denactum Summoners War is a great game where you can fight dragons, giants and even other players' monsters. It's not your typical team based RPG though. There is so much customization and just a ton of things to do. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the game so you can develop your monsters into unbeatable forces.

1. Do All of The Daily Quests

This is a simple one, but new players often neglect this. You'll get other quests as you level up, but doing these quests will get you more experience and mana stones which are always needed.

2. Focus On One Monster At a Time

It can be tempting to work on all your new monsters at the same time, but don't. Having one awesome team that is fully runed and leveled will make the game much more enjoyable, and then getting more monsters and leveling them up will be easier.

3. Complete The Main Story Line

With so much to do in the game, the main story often gets neglected. Finish it. There are rewards (such as a light and dark scroll and many runes) that come with completing each of the areas. These are great rewards and make playing the game much easier and more fun.

4. Find Strong Allies

Having a deep team of allies who are high level (40+) will be a huge asset to you as you strive to complete the story line and take on the higher level dungeons of each type (dragons, giants, necropolis etc) which will also get you more mystical scrolls and allow you chances to get better monsters. Joining a guild is also helpful as it provides an entirely other means to get scrolls and better monsters.

5. Pick A Great Farming Monster to Level

Leveling up a fire inugami or a wind joker (if you get lucky), can be a game changer. You'll find that farming certain areas with these monsters will be much faster thus helping with leveling other monsters and rune farming.

6. Spend A Little

Especially early on, spending a little bit of money on the game is well worth it in the end. You'll get some "deals" early on when you start. These are VERY worth it and will make the game much more enjoyable in the long run. The game is still a lot of fun if you are totally free to play, but the early deals are definitely worth it.

Summoners War Hack is a great game with and endless amount of things to do especially as you get to the higher levels. Following these tips can lead to a better gaming experience and will have you defeating the bosses and other players in no time!